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About ENA

ENA (European Nurserystock Association) is an organization representing nurserystock producers' organizations all over Europe. Considering the need for closer economic, social and cultural cooperation at European level; conscious of their responsibility towards the nursery stock profession and mindful to obtain and further the health and prosperity of the nursery stock industry, European organisations representing nurserystock producers have established a European association, called ENA. 

Purpose of ENA

Through its professional member-organisations the ENA represents at an international level the common interests of growers and traders of hardy nursery stock products, including perennials. ENA also tries to be a platform for exchanging knowledge between members.

Platform for exchanging knowledge

ENA works on political matters at EU level, but also deals with technical matters of interest to non EU-members. ENA has addressed many technical issues related to the nursery stock sector and continues to monitoring EU regulations related to the sector and beyond

ENA elected new board.

The General Assembly elected the new board that will guide the ENA association for the next two years. Mr Henk Raaijmakers was elected President, replacing Mr Jan-Dieter Bruns, who has chaired the association for three years. Mr Tim Van Hulle was elected Vice President, and Mr Willy De Nolf was re-elected as Treasurer.

Green Cities for a Sustainable Europe

The European Nurserystock Association launched the new Green Cities for a Sustainable Europe website. This is the informative platform for professionals who want to gain knowledge about green as a solution to combat the adverse effects of climate change.

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