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Launch of the “Green Cities for a Sustainable Europe” website


‘Green Cities for a sustainable Europe’ launches the website This is the informative platform for professionals who want to gain knowledge about green as a solution to combat the adverse effects of climate change.


Greening public spaces

Urbanization and climate change call for new solutions for the quality of life in cities. Public green has a positive effect on biodiversity, climate, well-being and air quality. This ensures that cities become better places to live, work and live. The 'Green Cities for a Sustainable Europe' platform offers knowledge based on scientific research and innovative ideas to stimulate the greening of public spaces. This is subdivided into the theme’s health, climate, economy, biodiversity and social cohesion. Scientific evidence and best practices information will also be added soon.


European Support

To stimulate the use of green, a European Union subsidy has been awarded. With this, a European campaign has been developed. Within the campaign activities such as PR, social media, advertising and events are used, with the aim of conveying the message to as many professionals as possible. The focus here is on business to business relationships within governments and politics, the green business community, education and knowledge institutions, insurance companies, health institutions and architects. The website serves as a central point for all activities.



Green Cities for a Sustainable Europe is an initiative of the ENA (European Nurserystock Association) together with branch organizations from Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The website uses different languages, each country has its own page, and it aims to grow into a European platform connecting European initiatives.

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