ENA’s ambition for clear programmes and objectives on sustainability.

‘As the horticulture sector, with a large number of small businesses, together we make a significant contribution to sustainability, which we demonstrate through the SDG’s, a language that is spoken the world over’.

The key to unlocking a move towards a mainstream sustainable horticulture sector is the development of a shared vision and to create a structure where current and future sustainability issues can be tackled on a sector level, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Presented at the ENA General Assembly in July 2019, the four Sustainable Development Goals, used for good sustainable practices in the horticultural sector are now part of ENA’s ambition for a sustainable nursery industry. By understanding the current practice and comparing it to desired practices, ENA can acquire more clarity on what and how to improve and determine ambition levels on key issues.

Sustainability for ENA means continuously re-thinking what we do and how we do it, to further expand our contribution to a safe and liveable world.


In recent years the horticultural sector has developed and increased empowerment of stakeholders, and has pushed forward the need for transparency and traceability of the total supply chain and clarity on sustainability practices.


The Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN (United Nations) Member States are 17 thematic areas that outline a roadmap for sustainable development until 2030. All are a result of long-term negotiations and apply to all countries while recognising different priorities and different levels of development. The SDGs provide a practical framework for a wide range of initiatives and innovations.

ENA has defined five sustainability focusses areas that are important for our stakeholders and ourselves. Affordable and clean energy, decent work and economic growth, climate action, life on land and, of course, partnerships to achieve these goals.

Each organisation member of ENA wants to demonstrate how hard the horticulture sector in several countries is working to achieve impact on sustainability.  The certification costs a little time and trouble, but it offers excellent advantages and will be the license to produce and deliver in the near future.


The main issues for our horticulture sector are:

  • Climate

  • The use of chemicals

  • Transparency and traceability

  • Work conditions

  • Energy


Because of that, ENA has formulated its ambition to make clear programmes and objectives for these goals.

The General Assembly approved on 30 January 2020 the sustainability proposal document:


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